Mix It Up (part 2)


Following on from my article about mix-up fashion, there has been a great movement in new styles using different African print fabrics to create one outfit and I, for one , welcome this new funky mash up mix-up mayhem! Here is a great example of this look. With her mixed fabric straight fitted dress, this gorgeous Ghanaian lady really does smoulder in this ensemble.

However, if you are having an attire made and you’re not quite ready to make a bold mix-up statement, try a more subtle look; pick black and white printed fabrics! Beware of pairing same hued colours aside from black and white together. For example, having a completely green African garment with different African prints can be overwhelming and can make you look a little strange rather than fashion forward. Mix more simple prints with bolder prints to create a chic outfit!   And why stop at just African prints? You can incorporate western prints like stripes too. One timeless favourite is the stripes and floral duo-why not show your roots by adding an African print? .Make different looks to see what looks best to you! So tell me ladies, which different prints would you go for?

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