Semi Geek Chic


Now this  Ghanaian lady has most definitely borrowed from the “stereotypical geek image”, except with style. She has used this image to her favour and made  the usual overtly studious or square, bookish appearance that  usually lacks any sense fashion whatsoever look uber  fashionable, yet still have its geeky roots.

Her contemporary fitted denim has been geeked up with the black bow tie which is definitely a throwback to inside jokes from cult classic movies or comic book such as Charlie Chaplain or Laurel and Hardy.  I love the way she has brought it all together with the cute fuchsia mini skirt and matching wedged sandals. This Ghanaian lady is defiantly   embracing her individuality and wearing what no one else would; but still making  sure it’s looks up to date, modern and  makes her look good. All she needs is a pair of thick rimmed glasses and she’d be geek chic personified! What do you ladies out there think? Geek chic? Or Geek freak?

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