Teach a Child the Way in Which They Should Go

Teach a Child the Way in Which They Should Go

ghanalady33Our hair doesn’t have to be straight to be manageable. I get so upset when I see that our fellow Ghanaian mothers have taken the option of relaxing their children’s’ hair. I am always tempted to ask them if they know the path of damage they have started their Childs’ hair journey on at such a young age.  But  then I think again, I guess it’s out of ignorance that they feel putting toxic chemicals in virgin afro hair, which hasn’t fully developed is the best option.

The most common reasons some mums give are that their child’s hair is too thick, or their child cries when their hair is getting combed. But the sad truth is some of our Ghanaian mums are not aware that the chemicals in such concoctions literally   seep through our kids’ blood stream. Not to mention they make our hair thin and limp and can cause scalp problems and even balding edges. This phenomenon is already prevalent amongst Ghanaian women. So then why do some of us want to pass this on to our baby girls?

Our little angels’ true hair texture may not reveal itself until she is eight or nine years old. The key is to use techniques and products that make managing your hair a more pleasant experience. Yes, there will be some work involved but think of the message you will send by relaxing your child’s hair. And remember: texturizers. Are relaxers too! All natural is all good! Stay tuned for my top tips to looking after your gorgeous natural hair. But in the meantime, feel free to leave a comment below; is your hair relaxed or natural? And should you want to relax your child’s hairs, at what age would you think is best to start?

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