Watch That Shows Your Death Date Invented

Watch That Shows Your Death Date Invented


A gadget, that was created by a Swedish inventor, Fredrik Colting, calculates a person’s life expectancy based on the personal data of its wearer. The Tikker demands to enter information about your lifestyle, medical history, bad habits, any instances of cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases in their family.

They are also asked how much exercise they do, how much they weigh before receiving a score. And when the questionnaire is done, their age is deducted from the results to predict a death date. Besides, the so-called ‘death watch’ works as a regular watch, but its main function is to help people make the most of their life and cherish the time they have left.

“Imagine someone told you that you only had one year left to live. How would that change your life? For all of us, life comes with a best-before date. While death is non-negotiable, life isn’t. All we have to do is learn how to cherish the time and the life that we have been given; seize the day and follow our hearts,” said Mr Colting, who came up with the idea when his grandfather passed away.

The top row of the watch’s digital display shows years, months and days, while the second row counts down hours, minutes and seconds. The bottom row shows the local time. The watch is now available to buy online £49.99 ($80.97)


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