Colourful Curvaceous Candy


Christened the Optical Illusion Dress, we ladies have gone crazy for the dress that can shave inches off your figure. There  are everywhere!

Colour blocks mean creating an outfit by associating contrasting and complementary, bold and bright, blocks of colours together. And this Ghanaian lady’s dress sure does that!! Pear shapes like this lady, should invest in an illusion dress with a middle panel – this will give the impression of smaller hips.

But word to the fashionable wise: Colours are supposed to make you look good and brighten your skin complexion. So, if you wear too many, we may not see you, but rather the colours. I love this dress, but I would have paired it with a neutral pair of heels and a different colour bag, maybe black: just so the dress can remain the main centre of attention.  What do you think ladies??  Do you agree with me?? How would you style this dress to make it your own?

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