When Ghana and the Western worlds Collide

When Ghana and the Western worlds Collide


Now ladies, we all know that Kente is an iconic symbol of Ghanaian Heritage. It’s become so popular in the western world that you can find Kente inspired print (or tribal print as they call it) in almost any high street shop and rightly so! Although most garments may use print our prints on basic fabrics to cut costs, the fact that our stamp is being made across the fashion world is a step in the right direction. This new up and coming trend of mixing different prints has really taken off and this Ghanaian lady is most definitely rocking the style right with this baby doll tube dress; paired with a pastel orange colored blazer and metallic yellow platform ankle boots, this lady is truly representing the best of both worlds. Kente inspires one to wear bold funky accessories.  So the mixed selection of bangles simply brings the outfit together.

We all remember our mums wearing the standard traditional get up, fondly known as the kabah and slit. But things have moved on so much since then, there are a range of western designs using our Ghanaian fabrics and I for one, have made it a must to embrace this; with my pencil skirts, peplum tops and even jumpsuits, I don’t  joke with my country look. From church to the cinema, I’ve been known to represent.  And I know I am not the only one, so come on my fellow Ghanaian ladies, leave a message telling me about your customised Ghana print garments and where would you turn heads wearing them?

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