Excessive use of cosmetics harmful


It is little secret that women love to look good and have nice fragrance but certain beauty choices ruins the body and ultimately leaves terrible scars.

From ancient times till date, cosmetic products continue to be used either for beauty purposes or with religious undertones.

Applying makeup has a significant impact on how women are perceived since first impressions count. A well applied make up can endear a lady to friends, relations and lover, making the wearer look attractive, confident and likable.

New studies however suggest that women who use make-up on a daily basis are flooding their bodies with as much as 5 ounces of chemicals a year. A study has shown that some women use more than 20 different beauty products a day while nine out of 10 apply make-up which is out of date.

A cocktail of cosmetics can enhance beauty but dangerous chemicals are also absorbed into the body through the skin. Some health experts have gone as far as linking some of the compounds used to make cosmetics and toiletries with side-effects such as skin problems, premature ageing and even cancer. Eye specialists have also related make-up with eye infections and other conditions.

Some cosmetic sellers appear informed about the negative complications of using wrong products and the adoption of bad beauty regimes but many remain ignorant.

Despite the harm cosmetic products cause when wrongly applied, following manufacturer’s advice, using right products for appropriate skin types and washing off make up before heading to bed can make applying make up a delightful experience.

Source: Deloris Love Crankson

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