Ladies: 4 Tips On How To Straighten A Detangled Na...

Ladies: 4 Tips On How To Straighten A Detangled Natural Hair Without Tears


Growing out your natural hair can be one heck of a journey, but the results are beautiful! I think that the absolute worst part about the journey is the DETANGLING! Detangling your curls can be a headache (literally), and as the hair gets longer, it just becomes more and more of a hassle. Here are four tips that will cut your detangling time in half!

1. Section your hair.
The funny thing about curly hair is that it loves to clump together and intertwine itself with other hairs. This is the absolute most counterproductive part about detangling your natural tresses. The best way to battle this is by sectioning your hair. For shorter hair, you can do two to three sections. If you have long hair like me, you will need to detangle in four to six sections. The smaller the section the better! You should put each section into a two strand twist. This helps you manage your sections, gives you easier access to maneuver through your head and prevents the hair that you worked so diligently to detangle from re-tangling.

2. Use conditioner.
Let me introduce you to my natural hair’s best friend. Ladies, I cannot stress this to you enough. Get some cheap conditioner and have it on hand at ALL times on hair wash days. The conditioner gives your hair slippage so that you can comb through the hair easier without ripping and breaking the strands.

3. Get the proper tools.
Everyone’s strands are different. Although experts have tried to come up with ways to categorize the “types” of curls there are, I have come to realize that there is still a lot of gray area in these categories. Some ladies have wavy curls in some parts of their head, and then have kinky coils in others. The best way to tame your mane is by learning what works for your hair and your curls! Denman brushes, wide-toothed combs, or even tangle teezers, these are all options for detangling. The best known is the tangle Teezer. It glides right through tangled strands. Once you have found which tool works for you, stick to it. No need to rush out and buy the newest trend; just stick to what works!

4. Use proper technique.
The best way to detangle is from tip to root. This alleviates a lot of breakage. Work your comb/brush from tip to root in a delicate fashion being mindful not to force your tool through tangles and knots.




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