Tailored Blazer keeps you Blazing!

Tailored Blazer keeps you Blazing!


A tailored blazer adds sophistication to a sequin any outfit. This Ghanaian lady has gone got the chic look of wearing a blue blazer over a black top. This look works well the other way round too; with a black blazer and a coloured top worn underneath. She has paired this   with black leggings and a pair of neutral brown heels. Blazers are a God send for those of us who have additional curves we rather keep under wraps as they cover the arm area and also have a flattering construction and flatter the body. By indenting slightly at the hip and allowing a semi-visible neck and chest area, a blazer creates an element of allure without being provocative….tell me ladies, in what instance would you wear a blazer, for work or a night out??

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