That a close shave

ghanalady46There comes a time in your life when you just want to add some attitude to your look. You know you’ve got some courage in you and you just want to show it through your hairstyle. That’s when it comes to you: ‘I’m going to shave off my hair’!  As you can see from the pic on the right, that’s exactly what I did and I can’t lie, I love it!! Not having to get up every morning and fight with my weave in one way or another: bliss!  But I know some of us aren’t so brave (just yet!)So why not try different Mohawks and fro hawks? There are unlimited possibilities of styles one can do.  You are still able to braid your hair, depending on how long your unshaven hair is, that is.  The good thing about braids is they are very versatile; there are many ways you can style them to create your own unique look, just as the funky lady on the left has.  Why not add some colour too?   This will bring a sense of edginess to your look. If you feel really brave, you could carve a design into your shaven side.

Getting a barber to carve out a design will really set you apart.  Now I know how we Ghanaian ladies may worry about looking professional or about what our elders may think or how we can possibly maintain our  class and elegance when going for shorter hairstyles. Well ladies, worry no more! .A simple way to transform your shaved hairstyle into a classy look suitable for church or any evening occasion is to try a sleek bun.

Now I know I have only touched on a few ways to style shaved sides.  I am sure there must be a lot more than what I’ve briefly touched on. So this is where you funky edgy Ghanaian ladies can share your ideas with us. Have you shaved your hair or done the big cut?? If so how do you style your hair??


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