Put A Bit Of Colour Into Your Wardrobe

Put A Bit Of Colour Into Your Wardrobe


Bold and bright colours are seldom hot picks amongst fashionistas.  Not everyone is brave enough to wear a bright yellow and aqua coloured outfit. Well not this gorgeous Ghanaian lady!

She is wearing these colours with confidence and vim and standing up to be counted! And rightly so too! Why stick to dark colours all the time? Wearing colours add a very effervescent look to your style. The yellow frilled tank is ideal for us ladies with a little to hide. If you have any colorful tops like this, try pairing it with a brightly coloured skinny jean, pencil skirt or as this chica has, a mini skirt. Vivid colors are very easy to match together.

The Louis Vuitton clutch brings a sense of elegance to the look. The black heel looks ok but I would have tried to pair the outfit with a matching colour heel, like yellow, aqua or even silver. Nonetheless, I would definitely wear this outfit. Not quite sure where though, ladies can you give me any ideas??



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