Watch out for Harriaankiss Klodin – Fashion design...

Watch out for Harriaankiss Klodin – Fashion designer


Her glamorous Abakan collection caught our eye hence the idea of an  interview with this upcoming designer we believe has  a lot of potential. Her brand name is Harriaankiss klodin . “HK”

TNBGH: Who is Harriet? And why fashion

HK: Harriet is a young, determine and hardworking fashion designer and an entrepreneur with a lot of passion for what she does. Fashion because I cannot see myself doing anything else with much enthusiasm, zeal and passion than fashion designing.

TNBGH: What inspires you to design Clothes?

HK: Am inspired by God as well as colors. And I find great pleasure in creating extraordinary things out of ordinary things

TNBGH: How many collections do you have? And what’s your Fav collection?

HK: I have one collection which is my maiden collection called the Abakan collection with 20 designs in all.

TNBGH: What went into designing your Abakan Collection, What were the challenges with  releasing this collection?

HK: Even though I had some difficult moments during the process, I will not say Coming out with the Abakan collection was stressful because I had a lot of fun with it. As much as I used our Ghanaian fabrics, I went outside to other countries to get other fabrics to add a touch of foreign to my collection



TNBGH: Tell us about your background and how you got into designing?

HK: After I found my passion in designing I enrolled in Joyce Ababio School of fashion. Basically, The last four years was used to build the brand Harriaankiss.

TNBGH: What types of clothes do you enjoy designing?

HK: I enjoy designing all types of cloths but I love designing gowns most as you can see in my Abakan collection


: Which designers inspire you? What are your general views about the Ghana fashion industry?

HK: Am inspired a lot by Christie Brown, I think the Ghanaian fashion industry is growing even though it’s a little slow this year

TNBGH: What is the future plans for Harriaankiss Klodin?

HK: Harriaankiss Klodin will bring out more great collections in the years to come, style more celebrities as well as showcase on the biggest runways across the world. We aim at gong global soon.



TNBGH: As a young fashion entrepreneur, how do you fund your business?

HK: My business is growing very fast. Thanks to God. Ghanaians have accepted our brand so far and it is doing well in the Ghanaian fashion industry.




TNBGH: If you had an opportunity to be mentored by one top designer based in Ghana, who will it
be and why?

HK: I would love to be mentored by Christie Brown; She has built her brand very well. Am very concerned about branding so I will not go for any other designer than her.


Source: TBBGH

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