I think this may be my outfit of the week! I sooo love the way theses gorgeous pastel colours mesh together. The paisley patterned candyfloss pink fitted shirt and those grey hipster trousers are most definitely a throwback of the 70s with the belt adding a fabulous modern twist!

Pastels are best worn with neutral or dark colours, to break up the outfit. Head to toe pastels are not a good look and should be avoided at all costs.

Try blocking colours like black, cream and as this funky diva has, grey with pastel pink and lilac. They are great colour combinations and can also be worn with black based prints. Combining pink and lemon with deep ink navy also works well.. But word to the fashionably wise: never wear heavy colours with pastels, it looks awful. Softer colours like grey and light blue are much more complementary.

However if you simply can’t bring yourself to wear anything pastel, you could always try pastel accessories.  The pink bag really makes this outfit pop and brings all the parts together. The only thing I may have changed would be the makeup. I would have gone for a lighter pinkish lipstick shade, a pearly pink to be precise, but that’s just me. Do you agree?  Leave your comments!! What would you delectable divas change about the outfit??

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