Bringing Out the Real Beauty in You

Bringing Out the Real Beauty in You

Women of colour are naturally beautiful. That is why makeup experts recommend that they use natural makeup for black women. Although you can easily rock bold colours with your ebony skin, you should use natural makeup as black women.

When it comes to finding the right makeup colour for your unique Ghanaian chocolate skin tone, the best thing you can do is experiment. Choosing the right foundation shade will make sure that you get the best results. Try buying sample sizes of makeup or visiting the makeup counter at a department store for affordable ways to play with colour and find the right options for you.

Most women neglect their cheeks, thus they keep them void of blush. This may be because some of our fellow Ghanaian divas simply have no clue which colours suit them; here’s a small tip: rather than applying pink or shades of orange on your cheeks, you’re better off with brown or copper as the latter will barely show up on your lovely brown skin. Brushing a bronzer on your cheeks will also give you excellent results. However, dint rule any colour out! Life is way to short for that! If you do choose a pink shade, ensure that your attire complements the shade as this will help with the overall look, as wonderfully demonstrated by this natural looking Ghanaian diva.

As a glamorous Ghanaian lady, lip gloss is a must-have in your makeup kit, as they suit you more than lipstick. Black women tend to have bigger, fuller lips, hence feel free to accentuate your lips as much as you can. Line your lips with a lip liner that is close to the shade of your lip gloss or lipstick. Fill the lip colour with a brush and blend it well with the lip liner. I’m sure you know some aunties who apply darker lip liners than their lipstick colour; we want to tell them it doesn’t look good at all, but I am pretty sure they will take it as an offense!! So we have just left them to it. The sad thing is this particular aunty never changes with the times, so she has been rocking the same lippy for the last two decades!! If you going for a more natural look, use lip gloss, especially if it’s clear or pinkish.

Following these recommendations will give you the best results for natural makeup for black women. However, remember to use makeup for black women while implementing these. That way you can rest assured that you have the right shades for your skin. So come ladies, tell me what your best make up secret is and what piece of make-up couldn’t you live without??

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