Glamorous Miss Jocelyn


I must say Ghana celebrity; Jocelyn Dumas’s stylist got it so right with this dress. Miss Dumas has a very voluptuous pear shaped body. This means she has  narrow shoulders and upper torso, with most of her weigh around her hip, leg, and thigh area. So clothing for this body shape should balance out the leg and hip area with a slimmer top half. And this gorgeous ensemble does just that! It shows off this Ghanaian beauty’s tiny waist but also covers up her hips. The deep purple sheer material on her bottom half creates the illusion of narrower hips, whilst there is a lovely burst of green hues on the top half of the dress.

This custom made maxi dress in African print was simply a genius choice. I must say I do prefer her with short hair and wish she would have it more often as it brings out her stunning features. Keeping her make up simple but still complementing he hues found in her dress just brings this whole look together. I want to get me one!! What do you gorgeous divas think?? Does Miss Dumas look hot or not??




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