Irene Logan rocks SOHO Restaurant official opening

Irene Logan rocks SOHO Restaurant official opening


Pop and blues singer Irene Logan was in her elements Thursday night as she brought her sweet, powerful voice to bear on the official opening of arguably the cosiest restaurant in the capital.

Song after song Irene made sure she waxed classically and kept everyone on their toes as the evening ate deeply into the night. And the 300+ audience for the occasion did not lack in appreciation as shouts of encore, encore erupted song after song.

Located within the plush Marina Mall, Airport, Accra, the SOHO Restaurant, the newest addition to the stables of New Restaurant Concepts (NRC), was overflowing with patrons high and low when MC for the occasion, Chester Anie, (Barrister and PR guru) introduced and handed her the mic for the live performance.

Rabih Kaade, Operations Manager at NRC said live band music will be a staple in the SOHO Restaurant every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will feature the best the industry has on offer.

“What we want for our customers is that they leave here with the unique experience they can get only from here. Great treats that pamper both the body and soul,” said Rabih Kaade.

Blue diamond lights and seductively planted golden bulbs in the large, flamboyantly furnished and air-conditioned restaurant readily cast the night-look and soft ambiance conducive enough for self-indulgence.

At the bar which stocks a wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, neatly attired and energetic young men and women whirl their serving trays and glasses of champagnes, wines and cocktails as though on invisible legs, and the sheer, overflowing number of patrons did nothing to edge out their beaming smiles.

“When we say we want to be the best, we mean exactly that. We are here all week long and we want our customers to return night after night so we do not intend to let ourselves down. As you can see, we welcome everyone, business executives, holiday makers and anyone trying out the night.”

Ahead of the official opening, SOHO Restaurant had been operating for about a month, opened from 5:30pm each day, serving international menus and the famous Japanese Sushi & Sashimi.



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