Looking Good is As Easy AS ABC

Looking Good is As Easy AS ABC


Maybe it’s because the fashion industry is finally taking note of all things African but I doubt it; I’ve been obsessed with African wax print fabric for years now!! The last time I was in my beloved Ghana ( which was over the Christmas period)  I got my best friend’s sister to make five different pieces , all including   head wraps, but I still  feel I need to add more pieces to my wardrobe.  And this funky Ghanaian lady’s dress would definitely feel a gap in my African clad wardrobe.

Using the classic ABC fabric that we are so familiar with, I just love the mish- matching head wrap that has so cleverly been used and that coincidentally matches  the trim around the bust line of the dress so effortless .  tying the head wrap to the front is so contemporary and brings a sense of  trendy feistiness to the look.   And with those long box braids, I’m just in love with the overall l Afrocentric look! Now I know head wraps aren’t for all you gorgeous Ghanaian ladies out there, so tell me how you would customize this look to make it your own?



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