Our top 5 Ghanaian/ Ghanaian influenced 20-somethi...

Our top 5 Ghanaian/ Ghanaian influenced 20-somethings, capturing the beauty of the Motherland via Instagram:


Nana Kofi Acquah
Based in: Ghana
Followers: 78,400

Follow for: Insightful. Colourful and visually enticing imagery. Kofi likes to tell us a story with each post. Pictures that make you homesick.

David Kwamena Bolton

Based in: Ghana
Followers: 2,358

Follow for: Landscape. This talented photographer provides a ‘birds eye view’ of Ghana’s landscape. Some pictures will force you to double take…no this isn’t Bahamas, this is Ghana. Pictures that make me so proud, very brochure worthy.

Denise Romero

Based in: US
Followers: 22,800

Follow for: Escapism. This beautiful young lady captures the colours and true beauty of Ghana, and other parts of the world . Denise is excellent at evoking powerful moments through her lenses. Follow for inspiration if you have the travel bug.


Based in: Ghana
Followers: 1,236

Follow for: Everyday Ghana. Amazingly David captures the landscape and imagery of the Ghanaian lifestyle in an artistic way using VSCO Cam.

Accra photo

Based in: Ghana
Followers: 7,492

Follow for: Artistic Photography. A combination of landscape, every day people and fashion. An eclectic mix of Ghanaian life.

Written by: Lisa B.

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