Fascinators became popular especially when Kate Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge) started wearing them about 4 years ago. Sales of fascinators have risen by 75 percent in the past year and thousands have been sold all over the world.Yes ,a fascinator instead of a hat may be won to occasions where hats are traditionally worn such as weddings or as an evening accessory, when it may be called a cocktail hat.  Most of the fascinators produced by Hatsoff are worn to weddings (90%) and the rest to funerals (10%). The flower corsages are worn everywhere and can be worn in the hair or to jazz up ones attire.

Designs made by Hatsoff can vary from a simple handmade flower comb to a crystal encrusted feather arrangement. The combination of different types of fabrics to make these bespoke headpieces is  amazingly unique and beautiful.Fascinators are commonly made with feathers, flowers and beads and are attached to the hair by a comb, headband or clip.

There are different types of fascinators –

wedding, bridal, feather, crystal, vintage etc.

Hatsoff is a brand that has been created over the past 3 years with a lot of inspiration from milliners all over the world.According Ama Pokuaa ,Hatsoff was inspired by two things -her love of flowers and her love for creating things from scratch.What really got Ama started on this path was the need to come up with a plan B when an outfit of hers from a designer failed tomaterialize. A mad dash through her wardrobe produced two things – a lilac flower and a black clutch. A little research on the Internet got her started. Ama got her fabric, plastic comb, candle, needle and thread and her accessories were ready.  After pairing a lilac flower comb, a pewter dress and black clutch adorned with a satin flower she was ready and good to go.

‘ I have gone on from this to do so many things, flowers for the bridesmaids of my sister’s wedding, and many fascinators for my wonderful clients and now we have extended our collection to include hats for mothers of our brides.I get more orders for fascinators than hats. Our grandmothers and mothers are wearing fascinators so I guess we will be seeing more orders in coming years.’,said Ama with glee.

Ama Pokuaa is a fulfilled and proud Economist and Researcher with her professional focus being laid on developmental issues in health economics platform.Working on projects that will impact positively on the quality of health systems in Ghana is one of her dreams. Also,in addition to the above ,she is a board member of CoFA (College for Ama). CofA’s mission is to provide educational opportunities for adolescent girls in rural areas of Ghana to attain college education. Her belief is surrounded by the fact that education is the most empowering tool and every child should be given this opportunity. A lovely wife she is and a mother of two wonderful girls. In my spare time I make fascinators, hats and corsages .

Yes ,she is the Creative Director of Hatsoff. It has almost been magical and unbelievable journey for her,surprisingly she has found herself shipping fascinators to Paris and London. Quite a number of customers have bought fascinators from Hatsoff to wear for events outside of Ghana.Fortunately or unfortunately,she hasn’t named any of her fascinators yet because they are most of the time the fascinators are made to order and specification. Trying to keep the designs unique to its wearer unless it’s a bridal party is what Ama desires to do.

On a lighter note , I asked Ama to tell me where she would love to go and why, especially if it was an all expense paid trip-

‘So many places come to mind but I would love to meet Philip Treacy in Ireland, the best milliner in the world. It would be a dream come true to see his work and watch him skillfully put his pieces together. He is amazing and I love the way his pieces are sculptured with clean lines and very little clutter.’


At Hatsoff, they customise to perfection any fascinator or flower to suit your wedding colours and themes.Team Hatsoff has been wonderfully surprised by some of the colour combinations being chosen by brides lately. They are so bold, colourful and different. Bring your sketches and your ideas and they will translate them into high quality fascinators to suit your occasion.

Contact them:

Telephone: +233 261 563405

+233 244 813956

Email: ntflowers12@gmail.com



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